Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why Can't I Stop Thinking?

I always think way too much. It makes life so much more complicated! I seriously don't understand it, sometimes I don't even understand myself.
But as much as I would love to stop worrying, I can't. I just want to make everyone happy, even if that means putting myself last.
I can't stop thinking about Dylan again.
and I wish I could say I never fell for you and  I wish I could say I don't care but I do!!! I really, really do!
no matter what.

I miss you and think about him everyday, I just wanna stop caring about him like he stopped caring about me. I wanna say fuck it and walk away, but I can NOT! Whenever I try, shit just gets messy.

This next quote is me. everything.

Why does this always happen!? I miss you.

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