Saturday, May 25, 2013

People From The Past

Isn't it weird how people that you may have met years ago can come back into your life and just completely change it.... The world is kind of funny that way. I met this guy about two years ago and he was much older than I and much more settled in his life. To many people that could be intimidating but to me it was intriguing! He really was sooo unique and very respectful. I really felt him as a person. Just the vibe he gave off the night we met, so special. In the middle of a bar, at one in the morning, we found a corner area and talked for a while, just chatted and stuff. We exchanged numbers and that was it.

Sometimes I think soul mates can be friends, family or lovers... And this makes him one of many soul mates I may be fortunate enough to meet.

Here and there we would text or call just to say hi and keep in touch, it was laid back. He never truly left my mind just was put to the back so I could focus on other things. He lived on the other side of the country, which made it difficult to keep in contact, but we always managed to make it work. I can honestly say he is a really good friend. But this time around, he and I met again.
This time it was different, within the second I saw him there was more of a connection than ever. I really can see the person he is and I care for that person immensely!  

I just went on the nicest date I have ever been on, I really wish that he was closer and I could fall for him because there is something about his soul that is so beautiful, it should not be passed. It must be returned. His smile and eyes speak the words that my heart and my mind are constantly conflicted and twisted in. And when I see him, word no longer come to me.  Just emotion is left, and everyday I can see him, or speak to him that emotion grows.

I am not saying that I am in love by any means, I am just expressing the confusion of me right now....

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