Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Still Think About Him Too

Today I got a text from one of my ex things, he was the hottest one. Like he was the one that I never could believe was ever into me. It's funny because he texts me and said how much he missed me. He has this new, super hot, blonde girlfriend who literally is perfect looking. And he still misses me. ME? What is this? Why would someone like him miss me?! He is seriously freakin perfect too. Every single thing we did together was great too. We had that kind of thing that we never even needed to speak to understand each other. I could just look at him and he got it. He is probably one of the only people I can truly say gets ME, the real me.

And he gets that look, I never even have to udder a word! He makes me feel special and loved. But then Dylan comes to mind. He really has me. Like really.
 this is my life.

So right now I'm gonna just...
and see where everything takes me.

and  I only really want the best for me, and Dylan and everyone else. I should go to my ex-thing but I don't know, Dylan just has this hold on me.

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