Monday, May 27, 2013

That One Moment.

You know that one moment in time when you are looking at your phone, just debating to call someone. That happens all the time to me... I just sit there staring at his name, debating if I should dial his number. It is like every time  I think I miss him, I try to call and I am always disappointed. I miss what we used to be,  I miss who he used to be. He gave me butterflies and was one of the only people that could do that. And that one day, that one day we met...

I want to go back in the moment, that we were drinking coffee and I looked into your eyes

That moment, I just keep reliving. Holding you.

He is still the only one I want, no matter what.
And he tried to fix himself by breaking my heart.
And really I was fine, 

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