Friday, June 7, 2013

Am I Really Happy? I think I am.

I don't even really know what being happy is. I mean I remember times where I was happier than others but I cannot remember a specific point in time where I was ever truly care-free and happy with my life. I wonder sometimes if that point in time even exists. If so, it was so long ago I cannot remember. And there are times where I am happy but it never really seems to be the real deal. Like everyone always talks about.

And even though I can see this and understand this, I cannot really feel this.
So even when I am in the worst mood ever, I chose to smile. It is always easier to smile through the pain. Because maybe, just maybe, you will start to feel happy again.

And you can always control and make the choice to be happy and healthy. Those are the things that NO ONE can take from you.